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About Alreem

Al REEM also known as sand Gazelle are the largest gazelle species in Arabia. The species is famed for its beauty and agility while running. They are cautious animals, and run at high speed, it is smart, adaptive and robust.

The platform true to its name AL REEM ensures speed, agility and robustness adapting the features of the sand gazelle.

Let’s future-proof your Business

what we are expert at


The Alreem marketplace will offer a wide selection of products searchable by item and category.


Alreem will have an online Auction house where all users can list or bid on items for sale.


Earn & Burn AlReem loyalty tokens and exchange for any other loyalty points Those loyalty points users have collected...


AL REEM will connect individuals and SMEs so users can display and hire talent all in the same platform.


The Alreem wallet is the user’s connection to the platform and the outside market. Alreem wallet users will be able to buy...

Our ambition for the future needs

The future plans for ALREEM is to harnesses the power of blockchain's distributed ledger and secure accounting as well as cryptocurrency integration.
Blockchain & smart contracts
In addition to the conventional method of raising funds for SMEs AL REEM will offer to SMEs funding via defi pools where the SMEs have staked their Real World Assets (RWAs) like buildings and equipment will get digital representations on the chain with a social media community and an e-commerce platform. We will make use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people on our social media platform to bring investors and entrepreneurs together, with the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional circle of owners, relatives, and venture capitalists and banks.
AL REEM will issue tokens that will be used for funding rounds for Al-Reem and SMEs. Further, buyers will also be able to trade these tokens on the exchange platform and use them as a payment method in the Al-Reem funding platform and marketplace. The AL REEM token will allow real- time settlements at a lower cost than credit card transaction fees

Al Reem brings together producers, consumers, borrowers & lenders on an interactive social platform.

Al Reem provides access to new markets and new clients via the SME platform.

Al Reem offers access to digital marketing / payroll / tax advisory and e-commerce solutions to SMEs

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